26 May 2012

More little stories.

Hey all!

Sorry for the gap in posting.  Everything's been really busy on this end--on Monday, my Portuguese professor sprung a five minute presentation  on the Azores, due on Wednesday, naturally in Portuguese.  Since we've only had classes for about six weeks, this meant I was heavily dependent on Google translate, and also some Youtube videos, to take my presentation from three minutes in length to the required five.

Then I had to upload a couple formulated theses for one of my classes.  And in between, it's just been a crap ton of reading.  I swear to you though I'm working on a real blog post though.

On Monday I also go the call back from the ticket people--remember how they gave me a week to sell the tickets, or else I had to pay for them?  Well, they sold the tickets.  However, when my bank canceled the payment, they apparently took out fees from the company they canceled it from, and not from me, which would make sense.  So the company called me all furious and insisting I transfer them the fees IMMEDIATELY and how could I allow my bank to do this to them?

The fee?  3 euros.

I have said it before, I'll say it again:  Germany, I love you, but cry me a goddamn river.

On Thursday German Mountain Man gifted us with his extra microwave, and I'm so thrilled to be able to shoot micro-waves through my food again that I'm microwaving unnecessarily frequently.  Afterwards the Kiwi and I ran around the city for a bit, and then decided to go shopping.  However, we both have exceptionally low shopping tolerances, so we spent about fifteen minutes in one store before deciding we were over it.  Then we bought Jelly Belly jellybeans from Karstadt, and took them to the bookstore, where we shook off a really awkward middle-aged pursuer who decided he wanted to give us a tour of the city.  We hid ourselves upstairs, read Game of Thrones and ate jellybeans until I had to go to Swedish class.

Yesterday I went to the cafeteria with Al, the Kiwi, and Al's friend, and we wound up getting into a really heated debate about why you can't say the word "race" in Germany, and how you talk about race if you can't use the vocabulary for it.  It was very interesting and very informative.

Today the Kiwi and I decided to go find the mall that's apparently nearby.  There were only like three clothing stores in it, but it's okay, because we went into two of them, and I got polka-dotted khaki shorts.  Also, frozen yogurt.  And I really offended some random girl in the shoe store, because, upon spotting a certain pair of shoes, I turned to the Kiwi and said "Look!  Fake Christian Louboutins!"  And Random Girl, who wan't even looking at the shoes, turned around on the defensive and yelled, "Yeah?  SO WHAT."  A)  I wan't talking to you, b)  what is your problem exactly, and c) shut your face and go put some shoes on.

Afterwards, we busted out a recipe we found in the Official Game of Thrones Recipe Book, and made honey cakes and burned kickass CDs for our EPIC ROADTRIP TO BERLIN TOMORROW!  One of my friends that I went to Bolivia with is there for a few days, so we're going to go visit her and run around and do fun things!

See you guys soon!

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bevchen said...

Ooh, Berlin! Have a fabulous time :-)
I'm hoping to get to Berlin this year, but I have no idea when I'm supposed to fit it in with all my other plans. It's not exactly within daytripping distance of my part of Deutschland...