10 December 2012

I am alive!

Hey all!  Guess what, I'm not dead.  It's just that this presentation has been eating my soul with extra ketchup and mustard and I've spent the last week alternately working myself into a frenzy or sitting in bed with my nerves fried.  On the plus side, presentation is done and over with--it wound up being over an hour long, and half of that was television clips I had edited together to make my point.  I think it went well--I had everyone's attention for the entire over-and-hour, and no one fell asleep or drew pictures or wrote letters to people, which is what I do when I'm bored.  Then again, it can be difficult to fall asleep when the videos on screen mainly consist of ghosts running around alternatively drowning children and shooting people in the head.  My professor liked it, and I even went toe to toe with a classmate who questioned whether the term "whitewashing" was racial and why hasn't America developed enough yet that we still believe in races?  I was like listen dude, I'm the anthropological queen of the history of race in America, and just because you guys refuse to talk about race doesn't mean it's any less of a social construct.  Yes, I won that particular battle.

And now, here is my collection of short stories I should have been blogging about, but haven't:

--Al and I checked out the Christmas market in Nuremberg, and it was both really cool and really packed.  We wound up going to the Atlanta (USA!) stand they had set up, because they were the only booth serving hot chocolate in Christmas market mugs.  Said hot chocolate turned out to be Swiss Miss with marshmallows, WIN.

Also, there was a camel and a llama and I touched them BOTH.  Not at the same time, but still.

--At the Christmas market in Coburg, I found a hat that appeared to be made out of a dead animal, so I put it on my head.  As you do.

--It snowed, so Al, Roommate. Roommate's boyfriend, and I went down to the river being chased most of the way by small gypsy children armed with snowballs.  There, we made SNOWMEN!  Or at least, they made snowmen and I helped until I got bored and started just rolling giant balls of snow and dying them with food coloring.  


That will be all!


bevchen said...

I am very glad you aren't dead (although apparantly now soulless, having lost it to a hungry presentation?)

When I went to Nuremberg Christmas market it wasn't that good - the bit with all the partner town stalls was cool, but the rest was pretty boring. Too many sausages, not enough pretty shiny stuff to look at. I guess they've improved since then.

bevchen said...

By the way, I've nominated for you an award on my blog.

ifs ands Butts said...

I'm going to be in America on Saturday too (shhh... it's a surprise), so stoked!

Glad your presentation rocked and love your response to the girl's ignorant comment on racial considerations.