05 March 2012

I'm matriculated!

The hula-hooping through-jumping for at least this portion of the saga is officially over. I'm all sorts of matriculated!  Everything more or less came together at the eleventh hour.  This morning, for the hell of it, I decided to try my luck at a different insurance company and see if my Aetna card was good enough for them.  To save my conscience from sore muscles, I even pointed out to the lady that my Aetna card expired in 2005, but my parents are still with the same company.  She didn't  care, she said, "All I need is something with your name on it," and that was that.  Ten minutes later, I had the letter from the insurance company in my hand.  Then it was off to town hall to get more official copies made, then finally to the foreign student services.  Who told me I was good to go, minus the fact that I took my DSH test in Hannover, not Göttingen, which meant I needed to go to the DSH Göttingen people and get them to officially sign off on the validity of my test scores.


This lead to an hour of hunting down the tiny office on campus, then tracking down the guy in charge, who turned out to be super nice.  He signed me off, and gave me some awesome references for free courses I can take to improve my ability to write academically in German.  Which I absolutely plan on taking.

With that form, it was back to the foreign student services office, where I triumphantly handed it over, grilled the staff about all the things I have to do next, and...I'm done!  I can pick up my ID card after we get back from Amsterdam, and everything starts moving from here!



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Sally E, said...

Adios? No wonder you've been having so much trouble there, wrong language.