20 June 2012

Very Sad News

Today is a very, very sad day.  Storsjöodjuret, First of His Name, Supreme Lord of All That is Wet, May Death Come Swiftly to His Enemies, has died, after being in my care less than a week.

In my defense, he didn't die because of me--I didn't drop him in the sink (I DIDN'T, JEAN).  Nope.  He got a swim bladder infection, which apparently happens a lot in the young fish because they're young and stupid and their swim bladder is half the size of their body.  I did everything the internet told me to--I made sure his water was always warm, and I changed it multiple times a day, which is what you're supposed to do.  No avail.  He kicked it.

So now my problem is that I really want a Storsjöodjuret, Second of His Name, Supreme Lord of All That is Wet, May Death Come Swiftly to His Enemies.  But I don't want to go back to the guy I got the first one from, because I'm afraid he'll ask about the fish, and I'll have to make it sound like I didn't kill it.  Which I didn't.

Maybe I'll just go back in two weeks, and be like, "Hey that fish you gave me was a girl.  I'd like another one so I can breed them."  And by "breed," I mean, "try not to kill."

Even though I DIDN'T kill this.


Anonymous said...

Aw... :( But if he raises fish, he'd know that's common and not your fault, so just go back and say what happened.


Anonymous said...

May I ask how you know whether or not your fish has a swim bladder infection? I didn't even know that was possible.


claire said...

1. my question was amy's question so we want an answer
2. this is karma for the time you tried to kill my fish

Anonymous said...

because they can't swim, they fall on their sides forward onto their heads or roll over onto their bellies. Sometimes they recover on their own, and sometimes not. In this case, it was a definite "not."


Pueo said...

Change water multiple times a day? Changing water is stressful for a fish. I think that may have been poor advice.