03 September 2012

Hello, Ireland!

Sorry for the two-posts-one-day thing, but I figured I should separate Kassel and Ireland.

This time tomorrow, I will be in Ireland and I can't properly put into words how ridiculously exciting I am.  All I know is that I'm going to find Claire in the airport, and punch her in the face.  Because I don't like her in the least and haven't missed her at all.

Our plan is to buy bikes and cycle around the country.  Other than that, we have zero plans, not even ones involving where we sleep.  At any rate, it's going to be one giant spontaneous adventure and I CANNOT wait.

I'll be gone until October 2nd, at which point I'll start blogging again.  I'll try and update from the road, so do check back occasionally.  Claire and I are taking the Roadtrip Diaries with us, so we can record and illustrate our trip, which is sure to be entertaining.  Because there's no way I can fit a month's worth of madness into recap blog posts, I've decided in October I'll post the best and most entertaining of our Roadtriy Diary entries for your reading pleasure.  Or not pleasure, as the case may be.

With that, see you guys in October!

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bevchen said...

Have an amazing time!! I am sooo jealous.