28 May 2013

Off to England!

Hey all!

In exciting news, I'm going to England tomorrow. YAY! In less exciting news, I got hit by a car today. MINUS YAY! It was still a pretty good day though, but I don't have any fun stories to tell you. I have to go clean and pack and do important grown-up things like cleaning and packing.

In other news, my favorite Rachael won Reserve Champ at Devon, so that's seriously exciting.

Huge congrats to her and the whole MMF crew!

That's all I got! Adios amigos!


bevchen said...

You what?!!? Are you ok?? I'm guessing so if you were able to blog?

Say hi to England for me!!

Anonymous said...

I'm fine! Better than the people who hit me!

Anonymous said...

Just 15 km to FilipinoUKer ...


Anonymous said...

oh man! And I'm leaving tomorrow!