10 May 2013

The Good News Train

For starters, here's the most recent Ask me Anythings's to the blog:

Anonymous asked: What's your mailing address?

Dear Anonymous,
Send me an email, Facebook message, PM, Youtube message, or something--and I'll send it to you!

Hey all!

Sorry I haven't blogged in a bazillion years. We got back from Prague last Saturday Saturday, spent most of Sunday at Al's parents' house recovering, and then went back to class on Monday. I'll blog about all that soon, I swear!

Why haven't I been blogging? Well, I had a massive presentation on Wednesday I had to prep for, and then on Wednesday evening my good friend Patricia came to visit me from America! She's on her way to Spain for a field school but decided to drop by for a few days first.

Until I get to blogging about Prague, here's a crap ton of awesome things that have happened in the last few days:

1) I found Patricia and she didn't die, YAY!
2) I booked my ticket to Mexico, DOUBLE YAY!
3) My research project received additional funding from the second grant I applied for, TRIPLE YAY!
4) One of my professors today told me he wants me to rework an essay I wrote for his class and submit it for publication to an anthropology blog. QUADRUPLE YAY!
5) Tomorrow we are going to Hamburg to run around at the harbor festival and see a so-called tugboat ballet. SO MANY YAYS I CANNOT DEAL.

In short, the universe has been hurricaning good news over the last few days, and I am a fan.

Adios! Prague post coming shortly!

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bevchen said...

YAY for good news!! Can't wait to hear all about Prague.