23 August 2013

Adventuretime Mexicoland, the first week!

Okay, a little under the first week, but whatever.

Hey all! So we've been in Mexico for six days at this point, so I figure it's about time for a blog post.

I arrived on Friday after a gruelling 24-hour-long trip which included one 2 AM drive to the airport, two plane changes, and one delay that nearly made me miss my flight from Miami. Made it eventually though, and there was my adventuretime travel buddy Jovanna waiting in the airport after some adventures of her own, which included a stalker. Anyway, Saturday and Sunday were mostly spent recovering from Friday.

We ran around, explored the city a bit, and checked out the anthropology museum which was a) awesome, b) not able to be done in under two hours like the douche at the front desk told us. We also went to the zoo across the street from the museum because it was free and full of giraffes.

Jovanna also almost got killed by this pelican:

Monday we started emailing and calling all of our contacts, and while we waited for them to get back to us, we headed down to Xochimilco to check out the boats. We wanted to go to the super creepy Island of the Dolls, but it turns out the trip would have cost each of us nearly 200 dollars, and we were like "ummm...no." So we just did a short boat ride so our trip down to the canals wasn't a total waste.

Yesterday we had a very frustrating day in that no one had gotten back to us yet and we were getting nervous waiting around in Mexico City. So we started calling all the institutions we had previously emailed and got a fat lot of nothing. 

In situations likes these, there's only one thing you can do, and that's eat chocolate and watch Jumanji. Which we did.

Today, on a tip from the hostel bartender, we took a two-hour trip to the edge of Mexico City where Nahuatl is apparently still spoken. We wound up arriving in the middle of a religious festival, which was most excellent timing because the people in the street were willing to help us. 

We were very quickly pointed to the local heritage museum, where they were all about helping us and immediately took us over the festival entertainment to meet a guy who teaches Nahuatl dance/music and possibly language, although we're not entirely sure. We're going back tomorrow to meet with him and maybe finally get this project underway. Also, we have a lunch date with our new friends. Also, we found a bull.

And that will be all!


bevchen said...

Yay giraffes!!

Glad you arrived safely.

Anonymous said...

It looks colorful and pretty

ifs ands Butts said...

Glad you made it!! Don't die from pollution or whatever.