08 October 2012

Ireland Part IV: Our Favorite Moments

Of the entire month, here are our favorite moments from Ireland:

--hanging out with Clement and Brian
--Eating a Irish breakfast cooked by Sheila and Pat.  It was the first time we'd felt really full since we'd arrived.
--exploring Inishsheer by bike.
--Claire getting snotted on by the giant cow at Hore Abbey.
--Trying to bake in Doolin hostel, and just having a dance-off instead.  And making hot chocolate and eating the entire bag of marshmallows.
--having off-season B and Bs all to ourselves.
--stealing cereal.
--seeing the Cliffs from Doney's boat.

--watching Ghosthunters in Macroom (with stolen cereal).
--making Claire kiss the Blarney stone.

--all of Dingle.
--hunting (unsuccessfully) for dragons and druids.
--Elephant and Castle--the ridiculously delicious restaurant in Dublin Claire's parents sent us to.
--Cookie fails in Doolin.
--confusing the eight million Germans we met everyone by unleashing their own language upon them.
--Geraldine's pink and sparkly room.
--Barry the Nice Cyclists stopping to help us pull Claire's backpack out, and then sending us a nice text message in response to our "We made it to Galway alive" text.
--eating dinner as a real meal the last night in Dublin.
--1 euro giant mint aero bars.

Least Favorite Moments

--crossing the 4 lane highway into Cork, which was terrifying.
--The very first hill we ever pushed our bike up, on the coastal road into Greystones.
--seeing the rat at the crappy hostel in Dublin, and then making the decision not to tell Claire about it until the next morning.
--biking into Galway in the rain.

--Christian and girlfriend's super awkward hug in the kitchen while we tried not to look.
--our first host in Greystones kicking us out.
--Cork.  All of Cork.
--getting kicked out of the B and B in Dungarvan.
--sitting on a boat to Inishsheer trying not to freeze to death/die of seasickness.  Everything got better once we landed and ate soup.
--Arthurt Guinness day.  Made-up holiday, also, no fun.
--Holding up the bus on our Ring of Kerry tour.

--Being stalked.
--Being told it "used to be cool" to be American.
--People saying we would never make it to Galway/getting mad at us for trying.
--The worst piece of cake in the world, apple with rainbow sprinkles.
--The guy behind the counter and the crappy hostel in Dublin yelling at the guy who spoke no English about who wasn't paying for the room.


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Anonymous said...

atskCan we read some about how/why your first host in Greystones kicked you out...please...