15 February 2013

Finally, an update

Hey all!

Sorry for not updating in forever.  Truly, very little has happened, and it's only in the last few days I've started gathering minor stories worth blogging about.  So, here we go:

Story 1: Four days ago, my bike slid on black ice and I fell down and everything still hurts.  That's the whole story.

Story 2: I signed up for Spanish class, yay!  And send another grant proposal off, yay!

Story 3: The neighbors threatened to call the cops on me because I opened up the window in the hallway to get rid of the small of smoke.  When I went to the housing people to complain, they told me they couldn't help because I wasn't the "head renter." They also told me the crazy neighbors told them they no longer smoke in the halls.  I was like, "I'm not an idiot...you can smell it."

Story 4:  Roommate is moving out, so we've had three people come by to check out the apartment and audition for the role of New Roommate.  Door Number 1 was adorable and happy and my favorite by far--I've already offered her the apartment.  Door Number 2 was also nice and has a washing machine, but is a little weird.  Door Number 3 was my second favorite because she owns everything (plates, cutlery, a refrigerator, etc.), but I don't think we would ever be friends.

Story 5:  Yesterday was Valentine's Day!  I've never had a functioning Valentine's Day so I was very excited.  Unfortunately, I have negative ideas what to get Al.  I mean, I was good on Christmas, and I know what he's getting for his birthday, but I was thrown for a loop on V-Day.  So I wound up giving him something I know he really needs.

Yes, I have him a colander.  I know, I am the worst girlfriend ever.  But he REALLY REALLY needed a colander.  I also threw some chocolate covered strawberries in there, so I'm not completely useless.  Maybe?  I hope not.

Off to go write an essay that needs to be done by Monday.  Oy!



Anonymous said...

Did he like the colander?

ifs ands Butts said...

I've had a couple super brutal bike accidents - get well soon!

And I bet a German BF would love a practical Vday gift like a collander. Apparently we just got to pretend the holiday didnt' exist... that was... fun.

bevchen said...

I hope you've recovered from the bike+black ice incident now?