15 March 2013

Minor fun things

Here are some minor fun stories from the past few days:

--It was my birthday on Tuesday! And we couldn't even really do anything about it because it was blizzarding outside. But I still have a wonderful day and now I'm officially 25 which really freaks me out.

--Having your birthday three thousand miles away from your family and friends is actually kind of cool, because it extends your birthday from one day to three weeks as packages slowly arrive.

--I went to a Ping Pong tournament at a friend's house the other day. As it turns out, I'm so bad at Ping Pong that the other players had to start playing with a handicap (i.e., their wrong hands) so that the game would last more than a minute. And I STILL never won a game, not even with the handicap!

--I totally beasted the oral part of my Spanish final yesterday. I felt really bad for my partner who couldn't put a sentence together so I kept helping her by filling things in where she was so obviously struggling. At one point my teacher said, "I know what you're trying to do, and while I'm sure she appreciates it, she has to form a sentence on her own." Sigh. I tried partner, I tried.

--My death paper is turned in, which is exciting, Next week I'm off to Hamburg to get my Portuguese passport and to Hannover to talk to the consulate people about whether or not I need a visa.

--I got exciting news today! My funding money has come in, which means I can start buying things. Yay!

That's all I got. Adios!


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Happy belated birthday!!

And yay for money,