08 January 2012

Claire Episode Recap, Part the Everything Else!

Tuesday, January 4th:  Making Friends With Icelandic-Wannabes

Tuesday was the first day we saw the sun, and also the day we had to leave.  We almost missed our train, and the guy trainpooling with us did not love us.  That is, until we somehow discovered that he speaks Icelandic as a second language, and then we discussed Icelandic cows, Icelandic people, and Icelandic polar bear hunts.  It was a good time.  As soon as we pulled into Celle, we discovered it was raining.

The rest of Tuesday we just kind of chilled out and relaxed.  We briefly went into town, searched in vain for a place that sold both raspberry cake and hot chocolate, and settled for hot chocolate and donuts.

Wednesday, January 5th:  Show Me Your Boobs

Wednesday was another Celle day.  We ran around town, had lofty goals of doing touristy things such as climbing the church tower, but this died as soon as we started shopping.  Then we bough raspberry cake, took it back to my house, and ate it with tea and whipped cream.  Twas delicious.

That night, we headed back into town to meet up with Latvian Friend for salsa.  We spent most of the time just trying to convince her to eat our cookies.  The Czech Girl, her boyfriend, and his friend showed up, and the party was on.  They were absolutely hilarious, especially the friend, who was wasted and hitting on Claire like it was his job.  Somehow the conversation morphed into bargaining to see Friend's tattoo.  He claimed the cookies we gave him weren't enough, and that if he was going to show us his tattoo, he needed to see Claire's boobs.  When the phrase "percentage of boobage" got thrown out there, I knew the night was more or less over.  Sure enough, it was 1.30 in the morning, and we had to get up early the next morning.  When we got home, we discovered Friend had friended Claire on Facebook, with the all-popular pickup line "Only your boobs."

Thursday, January 6th:  Hannover!

The next morning, we were off to Hannover!  The shopping is way better in Hannover, so that's what we did. We also managed to located 9 Euro woolly tights, so wins all around!  We also walked around in a hailstorm, found English language copies of The Princess Bride, and took pictures in front of Hannover's hideous Christmas Pyramid, which for some unknown reason was still up.

We found some tiny little cafe with most excellent goulash and a creepy picture of a monarch on the wall.  We ate it.  The goulash, not the creepy monarch.

And then we found the street with the strip clubs, highly entertained ourselves by running around, and mortally embarrassed two seventeen year olds coming out of a live peep show.  Here's Claire with Thai Girls:

And me with a tabledance.

Aaand...that was our week!  Pretty much the best week ever.  Now here, have my favorite song of the day.  I hate this song, but mostly I hate that I can't get it out of my head.  And I hate that it got stuck in my head while watching Twilight.

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