28 January 2012

Haircuts and Fender Benders

Today I was biking along, thinking about how nothing blog-worthy had happened to me since I last posted, and then I unintentionally caused a fender bender.  So there was that.

In other news, I finally went and got a haircut, but discovered that German haircut chairs don't go up high enough for the lady to deal with me.  So I had to stand while she sat on a small stool, and everyone in the place came and touched my head and said, "Christ on a sidecar, what do you do with so much hair on your head?"  "I braid it."  "And...?"  "I braid it different ways."  "And...?"  "Sometimes I wear it up with a pencil."

Then I went food shopping, and here's where the adventure begins.  Host Dad had taken the car to work, so I had to food shop with my bike and the giant red bike-bag things.  Since I had to buy the family's groceries for the week, the bike-bag things were really, really full, by the end of the trip, and really, really heavy.  It was like having two midgets hanging on my bike wheel, or at least what I would imagine having two midgets hanging on my bike wheel would feel like.  The balance was thrown off (midgets don't all weight the same, you know), and to make life easier, it snowed today, which meant that I had to bike very slowly to avoid falling down like that cruise ship in Italy and sending my edible passengers into oncoming traffic.  Don't want to cause an accident, you know.

To turn onto my road, I had to cross from the bike lane I was in to the one on the other side of the street.  The bicycle-man light was still green, so I very slowly started to cross.  A car turning left onto my side of the street saw me coming, but instead of stopping straight before turning, like they usually do, he turned almost completely into my lane and then stopped.  When I was right in front of him, I heard a screech and a bang, and his car jumped four feet at me and almost ate my bike.  I made it to the other side and turned around.  A bright blue car had rear-ended him from behind.  I stared at them.  They got out and yelled at each other.  I biked away as fast as I could before they remembered the first guy had to stop on my account.  My bad.

New favorite song of the day!  I found a Norah Jones CD in my room, and now I'm on a total Norah Jones kick.  Thanks to the handy dandy remote, I turn the CD on the second I wake up, and I've discovered at makes for a most excellent start to the day.  I would high recommend it.  Here's Norah Jones covering Townes van Zandt.

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Anonymous said...

Can we have pictures of you wearing your new hair cut?