17 January 2012

Not sleeping under the bridge!


The apartment hunt today was interesting, to say the least.  I wound up only having three to go look at, but I got into the city early so I could go to the English bookstore and read The Hunger Games.  Here's a rundown of the apartments I looked at:

Apartment 1:  Non-Hipsters Need Not Apply

The people of Apartment 1 were lovely, but the place itself...well, suffice to say, a hipster would have rubbed his scent all over that shit in a heartbeat.  It's right in the center of town, which is awesome, but I was slightly confused looking for the place because it didn't occur to me to check the giant building that looked like an old abandoned factory.  Which is probably what it was.  I got buzzed in to the cavernous ground floor, where no one actually lives: there's just a staircase, or, if you choose, you can forego stairs and just walk through the factory thing to the garden.  But I went up three flights of stairs to discover that there's no actual door to the apartment, you just...walk up the stairs and into the hall.  Carrying on with the Important Things Hipsters Don't Need trend was a kichen: they've only got a deep factory sink thing and no oven to speak of.  But the weirdest part was the room I would theoretically be living in, which isn't actually flat.  God knows flat floors are way too mainstream.  The guy renting out the room said you get used to functioning on an incline pretty quickly, but then again, he had a Nintendo shirt on.

Apartment 2:  Needs More Orange

Also an awesome location, and retardedly cheap, costing barely over 200 dollars a month.  The door was opened by a goth girl with more piercings than I could count, but she turned out to be the super nice one.  The other girl was nice enough, but a little weird.  No one sees the guy for days on end and occasionally have to knock on his door to see if he's alive.

But as I discovered, there's a reason the room is retardedly cheap: it's retardedly small.  Without a loft bed, there's no turning around in that place.

Apartment 3:  The Winner!

The last apartment of the day is a little ways out of town, and by "a little ways," I mean it takes you all of about seven minutes to get into town by bike.  Or, if you feel like walking the hundred feet to the bus stop, then you only have to travel approximately three minutes, which is perfectly acceptable.

Because of the location, this place is slightly quieter, but!  The apartment is gorgeous, at least by student standards. It's like the Cook apartments at Rutgers, but with hardwood that's never had vomit cleaned off it.  And for this, it costs just as much as the Hipster Student Shithole Apartment 1, so that's good.  My (ginormous) room comes equipped with a slant, but a fun roof one, not a slightly alarming floor one.  And the girl I'd be living with is super nice--she showed me the place, and then we sat and drank tea and talked about boys for an hour.  Yay!

Oh!  Rewind!  Our concentration camp date over the weekend!  Was hugely fun, although we initially got yelled at for not being somber enough as we walked through the doors, and then they followed us throughout our wanderings to make sure we were being properly somber.  After about an hour of being horribly, horribly somber, we decided to skip the second half of the exhibit and just got to a 1950's American-style diner, where they serve Bratwurst with an American flag toothpick.  Then we went to the barn to go visit the horses, the highlight of which was the barn bartender (there are such things in Germany) trying desperately in broken English to explain to the soldiers he wanted them to procure him a bottle of wine.  Afterwards, the soldiers and Other American went and played pool, and I took over babysitting duties from the parents.

All in all, life is full of successes!


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