17 April 2013

Boring Stories and Tentative Life Plan

Hey all!

Since I have no interesting stories for you from the first week of classes, have all the not interesting stories.

--I may or may not have broken Al's nose. I'm pretty sure I didn't. It was dark and I didn't see his face, okay?

--Old Roommate moved out (sad).

--New Roommate moved in (yay).

--In Aztec, we finally stopped translating creation myths long enough to learn practical things like "Hello, how are you? My name is Tina. Is that a train?"

--I got a Mongolian For Beginners book and CD from the library. Al and I figure if we teach ourselves the basics now, language learning will go much faster than if we attempt to start from scratch.

--I booked a ticket to England to go visit Claire who I don't even like that much but am obligated to visit because of our six month rule, also her aunt and uncle have a cat named after food.

--There's an American Donut store that has opened up around the corner, and we're getting together tomorrow with some friends to storm it and eat everything.

--My good friend Patricia is coming to visit me before she starts studying in Spain!


A bunch of people have been asking me what my life is looking like pre-Mongolia, so rather than continuing to repeat the story, I'm just going to post it here. I give you a tentative timeline of my life:

August/September 2013: Field research in Mexico

December 2013/January 2014: Al finishes his thesis because he's speedy like that, turns it in, and gets an internship in Switzerland because they pay like WOAH.

March 2014: Finish writing my thesis. Turn it in. Hop the first plane back to America. Immediately get a job waitressing. Hate myself for doing exactly what I was doing before I got my masters. Attempt to look on the bright side, namely that it's easy, fast money to be earned in the name of Mongolia, which is right around the corner.

May 2014: Al joins me in America on a tourist visa. Get's an internship, or else just hangs out with my dog all day and draws pictures or something.

August 2014: Move to Mongolia. Homestay and intensive language course in the countryside. Knock their Mongolian socks off with all the crap we learned from our handy dandy Mongolian for Beginners book/CD.

September 2014: Mongolian school year starts. Try not to die.

And that's it!



Anonymous said...

Please tell us more about Al's broken or not nose

bevchen said...

You can't just tell us that you may (or not) have broken Al's nose then stop! Details please.

The boyfriend's work is being a pain about deciding if/how many days he can have time off at the beginning of May. We will still be passing through Göttingen (and he says we can break our journey there for a few hours... YAY!). The only question is what day. We will definitely be doing the return journey on 4 May though.

Anonymous said...

I may or may not have headbutted him? Accidentally?

Man, May 4th I'm in Prague :(


bevchen said...

Awww, nooo. That sucks!

We will hopefully be travelling up on the 1st, but I guess you'll already be away then?

bevchen said...

Also.. totally spamming your comment box here, but could you please give me links to your posts about Ireland. I'm hopefully going there for 2 weeks in June and I need inspiration for what to see!

Anonymous said...

we're away from the 30th-5th

And yes of course! All my Ireland posts are from October 2012. If you go over to the right on my blog, you can select for month and year, and then you'll see them all!


bevchen said...

Aaaaah, I can't believe I'm going to miss you by ONE DAY each time!!

Thank you. I couldn't remember which month your trip was in.