06 April 2013

Mongolia News!

Hey all! Just a quick post because classes start on Monday (and I'm still doing work from last semester). Al and I are sending our CVs for placement in a Mongolian school! THAT'S SO EXCITING. We spent the better part of last weekend emailing every (no seriously, every) American, German, and international organization that has or has ever had an office in Mongolia--surprisingly, there aren't that many. Also surprisingly, there are way more German groups in Mongolia than American or international groups, which is apparently a leftover from that time Germany had a big parasitic Communist twin attached at the Berlin Wall. Anyway, no one got back to us. That's a lie, one German group did, but were super unfriendly and had nothing.

In the end, it was the Peace Corps that saved our asses. I emailed a Peace Corps guy whose blog I follow, he emailed other people, they emailed other people, and over the space of a few days we went from "...Maybe we'll have to go to Mozambique instead?" to "So, which of these towns would we prefer to live in?" It's still really early in the game, but as of this moment, we're sending our information off to be teachers; either both of us will teach German, or Al will teach German and I'll teach English.

I'm out of my mind with excitement, but have to remember to bring myself down to earth because I have a more pressing adventure coming up that I need to actively start booking things for. But it is safe that on the Mongolia front, things are looking good!

If anyone wants to come visit us in a year, we'll be here:

I can't promise running water or electricity, but I bet we can find a yak to be friends with.


ifs ands Butts said...

Whoa exciting and cheers to the blog world, that guy sounds incredibly helpful!!

bevchen said...

Once again proving the point that it's all about who you know (or in this case whose blog you read...). Exciting that things are moving forward!