01 April 2013

Happy Easter!

Hey all!

Happy Easter! Al and I have been enjoying a really laid-back long weekend, which has been lovely. Yesterday I went to the post office to pick up what I assumed was my birthday package from my mom. I sat there in line doing the excited dance, and when I got to the front to give Post Dude my ticket, I did some more exciting bouncing while saying "THAT'S MY BIRTHDAY PACKAGE THAT'S MY BIRTHDAY PACKAGE." My birthday package turned out to be an envelope. Also, it turned out not to be my birthday package.

Bad news: Birthday package=still not here.
Good news: New, shiny Portuguese passport=really sexy.

Today we decided to get into the Easter spirit by inviting a friend over and resurrecting the "decorate bunny cakes" tradition, which my Mom used to do with my sister and I every year when we were itty bitty children. Unfortunately, cookie cutters were 5 euros (and there weren't even any bunnies, only dragons. Not that I'm opposed to the concept of the Easter Dragon, but it's just on principle), so I free-handed stencils and we just used those. Also sacrificed was my last box of Betty Crocker cake mix (funfetti) and all the powdered sugar we could mix with the butter. Totally worth it though.

In no particular order, these are my favorites from our epic cake-decorating day!

Bavaria Egg

Zombie Bunny


Big-nosed Chicken.

Hipster Bunny


There was also another bunny that got made in the likeness of a very infamous and unpopular person, but I have elected not to put that one on the internet.

That's all I got! Hope you guys had a lovely Easter!


Anonymous said...

Next package will have a box of Betty Crocker mix, assuming the two that are swimming to Germany ever get there.

bevchen said...

Zombie bunny is definitely my favourite. It's like the apocalypse meets Easter.

ifs ands Butts said...

BAhaha those are awesome - I think they should be turned into a cartoon or something.