31 March 2008

New Roommate, and a Minor Situation Involving Pirates

Yay for New Roommate! She's quite nice and very sweet, but I feel kind of bad because it's her first semester of college (ever). She doesn't know anyone, and she's thrown in a WG with a vaguely retarded American with a black eye who speaks half-assed German. Sorry New Roommate.

So minus the language barrier, she seems pretty cool. We went over the bridge to the gas station today (because god knows there's nothing else open on a sunday), and then hung out in our kitchen. By hung out I mean sat around akwardly and tried to think of things to say that were within my comprehension levels, which translates to not alot. Needless to say, what with this whole my-language-teacher-thinks-my-german-is-too-awful-to-be-here-thing, my desire to speak the local lingo has plummeted to somewhere within the vicinity of the Depths of Hell. Plus I've spent the last couple of days being culture-shocked and annoyed with this entire country in general. mostly my anger has been directed at the german lack of raspberry iced tea and the inability of bottle cap rings to stay on the bottle when you twist the cap off. I did, however, find chicken noodle soup , which made me feel alot better.

story of the day!

today I was walking back from Sonnenbuehl Ost where I was visiting a friend, when all of a sudden all these five year olds dressed as pirates and brandishing sticks and swords came running at me. most of them ran by me, but one pre-schooler with an eye-patch, red and black striped pantaloons, and a skull-and-crossbones bandanna spread himself as far across my path as he could (not very far), waved his sword (read: torn-off tree branch taller than he was) around like a lunatic and screamed pirate threats at me. is it just me, or are they getting younger? Who else wouldn't be surprise if I was next assaulted by flying German babies catapulted from slingshots?

what do you guys think, is this enough of a confrontation to go up on the Tina vs Pre-Pubescent Germans Scoreboard?

I've also decided to start keeping track of how many people speak to me in spanish/assume I'm from spain/mexico. So far the count is up to 9!

Anyway, tomorrow we're going to Reichenau which is this random island on the Bodensee. Wir haben viele Leute gefragt, ob es etwas zu tun gibt, and so far everyone's in agreement that there little if anything cool or interesting to see. No worries! We'll make it interesting. Anyway, catch you later!


Toomin said...

I suppose it's a relief that they're not wasting their youth sitting in front of a computer on the internet, reading their friend's awesome blog...

Er, go pirates! (PPB: 2, T:1)

Anonymous said...

Heh...those kiddies bothering you are getting younger and younger...aren't they? ;-)

And folks aren't going to know the difference between Spain and Portugal - if their geography is bad as mine.


Anonymous said...

...from an english-speaking beast to a soon to be german-speaking beast...keep talking! ...as for the little children: maybe they assumed you were also a pirate...black eye and all

Anonymous said...

Who else wouldn't be surprise if I was next assaulted by flying German babies catapulted from slingshots?

Not slingshots, Tina, trebuchets....


Tina_in_Germany said...

I see German babies from giant, trebuchet-sized slingshots specially crafted for extra Tina-destroying power

Anonymous said...

Dear Tina,

Frau spent 10 minutes today telling me how hilarious your blog was, and then asked me if you had thought about publishing it. I found this very amusing, and thought I'd pass it on to you. She also told me that the incident with the boys on the bus was hilarious, and that is possibly one reason why you shouldn't travel alone in a country where you're not fluent in the language =P Oh yeah, and she found your incident with the stupid german teacher shocking. She says just keep your head up and you'll learn quickly.
Your loving sister,
P.S. I got called Tina today in class.
Again. =P

Anonymous said...

Start carrying a bokuto and show these branch swinging brats what for! Or beer bottles, which you can smash and then use as a weapon. Once you've beaten up enough of the small ones, you can move on to bigger boys.


Herr Joe said...

Yarrgh! Beware them Euro-pirates. All they want is to plunder your booty. Don't let them for any less than 30 Euros.