01 April 2008

chocolate chips.

real peanut butter.
my straightening iron.
garnier fructus shampoo and conditioner for curly hair.
raspberry iced tea.
bottled still water.
my soft bristled hair brush
thick rice cakes.
wheat thins.
goldfish crackers.
real belgian waffles.
stores that stay open past 4.
departments that have the same opening hours every day.
a really really thick blanket.
fluffy bath towels.
cheetos and/or fritos.
crest pro-health toothpaste.
sliced turkey.
american cheese.
milk in a container big enough to last me more than 3 days.
a packet of mechanical pencils.
degree ultra clear.
pre-mixed salad.
italian or bleu cheese dressing already made in a bottle.
my car.
campbell's soup.
turkey bacon.
chocolate chip cookies.
clearasil ultra.
a rutgers hoodie.
country music.
my horse.

If somebody who loves me could put these in a box and ship them to me, I would be your best friend forever!

boredom results in terrible things. spare me your sarcasm:


Schrollman said...

um, there's something missing off that list: ME.

Tina_in_Germany said...

pssh. can't say I miss your lack of personal hygiene much.

Anonymous said...

How about a stuffed animal horse? And a trebuchet?