11 April 2008

Tina's Patented Friend-Making Skills (tm)

Kreuzlingen SUCKED. It was so wie Konstanz, aber kleiner, dirtier, and Swiss. Auch war ich ganz allein, weil alle meine Freunden backed out because of the weather, because they're lame. Trotz des Wetters, I decided to go anyway, but I just kind of vaguely sauntered up and down the main street (and it wasn't even RAINING) for like 20 minutes, looking for something cool (which there wasn't). I found a gift shop, but it turned out to be some strange middle-eastern place, and when I saw the belly dancing gold sequined bras, I was so out of there. And if anybody from Philly makes a crack about that, I will personally see to it that you get beat. In short, Tina was in Switzerland for a grand total of 23 Minuten before she got completely fed up with the place and crossed back over the border.

Meine Passpartnerin Maggie invited me to her birthday party, so ich hab for the last 3 Stunden Deutsch gesprochen. And with Tina's Patented Friend-Making Skills (tm), I went in there knowing nobody and came out with 2 new Italian friends and 2 deutsche Freunden. Also, my Italian friends hab mir gesagt, dass ich schon gut deutsch kann, so take that Psycho Bitch of a German Teacher. I think my German is better als a month ago, but I'm starting to have a really hard time distinguishing between what I understand in conversations, and what I pretend I understand. (And I know that sounds ridiculous but that's the way it is.) On another more random note, the one italian friend also told me that if he hadn't heard my accent in German, he would have assumed I was Italian, because I look it. Spanish Count: 10. Italian Count: 1. Portuguese Count: 0.

And die Welt ist klein, weil my new Italian Freund was roommates with my German boy roommate (Newest Roommate). And other Italian friend knows one of the girls from Rutgers who studied abroad here last spring. Crazyness!

We were supposed to go to Heidelberg tomorrow, but all my friends decided to be lame again and back out because it's supposed to rain. I'd go by myself, but it's like 100 Euro, und mit dem "Schoenes Wochenede" Ticket kostet es nur 27 Euro fuer fuenf Leute. Oh wells. Morgen we have to think of something interesting to do, or I'll be hardcore mad.

Anyway, adios amigos!

P.s HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN!! Go home and get your present wench, it's mad sweet!


Toomin said...

Fuck, I'm going to have to start learning German to keep up with your stories, you know that?

Tina_in_Germany said...


Tina_in_Germany said...

OH SNAPS! I can fix it! Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Shimatta!!!! Why would you tell me about the belly dancing shite and then tell me NOT to make a comment? WHY!?!

(For what it's worth, that totally doesn't count as a "crack") Baka Onna..

-Captain deMonch

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Tina...no comprendo about half of your post.

And I could throw something at Chris if he *does* end up making a crack about...eh, you know what I'm talking about...


P.S. Even all the bloody buttons are now in German! What's up with that???

Tina_in_Germany said...

are they? lol, that's funny, let me see if I can fix it

Tina_in_Germany said...

okay, I think I fixed it