01 April 2008

Bad Pickup Lines, Breakfast, and Newer Roommates

Sorry for the two-posts-one-day thing, but I have a story!

So this morning I got up early to go to the Uni, pick up my scholarship money, and get my Studentausweis-ID card thing. I got to the office, handed them my slip, and asked for my card, but they told me they couldn't find it. So then I got sent to this random lady in another office who asked what my last name was. I told her, she circled it on the paper, and sent me back with instructions to tell them that my last name was actually my last name. So apparently they'd been searching for my first name as my last name...because that makes all sorts of sense. Except it still wasn't coming up, and the lady said "We've been searching by birthday and we've got nothing." I pointed out that in the US 3-12-88, is March 12th, not December 3rd, and then they were able to find it. Glad I got that one all cleared up.

On the way out to the bus I stopped in the bathroom really fast, and guess what! My black eye is pretty much gone, you really can't tell. Woot! Except on the bus this random dude turned around and said (quite simply) "Do you have a black eye?" So much for that...self confidence points: -5. "Yeah," I said. "I fell off my bike." Random Dude laughed and said "Because it totally looks like someone punched you." Thanks. Then he said "How old are you?" I said 20, asked how old he was, and he responded "Oh, I'm too old for you." Newsflash Mr. Smooth Talker, your pick-up lines SUCK.

So I spent the next twenty minutes of my life debating with Mr. Smooth Talker various images of the US and the merits of Obama versus Clinton (in German), and at the end of our conversation after he was getting off the bus, he said "wow, I'm surprised, you speak good german." HAH. What now, Psycho Bitch of a German Teacher? Take THAT. Self confidence points: +9999999999.

When I got back to my WG I decided to organize a big American Breakfast Party. Me, Sungmi, Marina and New Roommate cooked up an obscene amount of pancakes, eggs and bacon (the latter of which Sungmi did entirely by herself with nothing but chopsticks, and I was duly impressed). It was a pretty sweet breakfast. Right as we were sitting down to eat, the door opened and in walked Newer Roommate who we were not expecting and who was obviously not expecting to see all of us. We all just kind of stared at each other for like a minute until Tina (in all her overarching wit and tact) picked up a frying pan and said "Umm...do you like, want breakfast?" And that's how we met Newer Roommate.

Newer Roommate is Chinese and really really chill. She and Sungmi immediately bonded over their Asian-ness, and then we all bonded over a half-hour discussion over which animals we want to sneak into our WGs. I'm all for a pony, but I think Newer Roommate is thinking more along the lines of reptiles. At any rate, it's a gorgeous day, the Uni just gave me money, and I'm gone. Until next time kiddies! Tina over and out.

p.s. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAITLIN! I'm sending you a present, I just need your address!


Anonymous said...

>>>"Oh, I'm too old for you." Newsflash Mr. Smooth Talker, your pick-up lines SUCK.<<<

BUT...at least you're now attracting older German guys!


Tina_in_Germany said...

yeah that's true