04 April 2008

Newest Roommate--I'll come up with new names for these people soon, I promise

German boy moved in! The first time I met him, we shook hands. The second time I met him, he yelled at me for disturbing his studying. Hopefully he's just wound up and stressed because he has a big test tomorrow? Please please please. Also he stutters, and if you've never heard German being stuttered, it's kind of adorable.

Each WG is supposed to be 2 boys and 2 girls, one foreign and one German of each gender. Ours was apparently a little mixed up, seeing as both the boys were German, and both the girls were foreign. When Old Roomate That I Loved left, we got New Roommate, the German girl, but still had 2 the foreign girls (me and Newer Roommate). So basically, there's three of us, and one of him. Sorry, Newest Roommate.

What this translates to, in short order, is that to keep the balance, I should have been a man.

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Toomin said...

lucky bastard